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Woodrush High School

Woodrush High School

An Academy for Students Aged 11-18

Excellence Through Endeavour

The Endeavour Award

The Awards




Why is there an award?
The Endeavour Award is designed to encourage all students at Woodrush to see the benefits of engaging fully in all areas of school life. We will ensure all learners develop the knowledge, cultural capital and skills for future learning and employment through opportunities, positive and valuable experience and qualifications, which will help them stand out in a fast-changing world.

The Endeavour Award is directed at KS3 and looks at specific, valuable and strategic impact at all levels. At students will be encouraged to participate in the 6 key areas of school life.

Student benefits
Students will gain a plethora of life skills through the opportunities provided at Woodrush. Students will learn how to collaborate, how to solve problems and how to think critically and creatively. Through The Endeavour Award, we will equip students with the skills, resilience and ideas needed to adapt and thrive in a world that’s changing faster than ever before. The Award will help better prepare students to enter adult life, to go out into the world and make positive change, create new opportunities and build a better future for all. The benefits of these targeted opportunities and experiences are the differentiators which will help students stand out in a competitive world beyond Woodrush.

Another main benefit to students is a well-rounded personal profile, which will be a great foundation when it comes to writing Personal Statements, putting together their CV and future career opportunities. 

Students will receive Endeavour points for all activities they participate in. This will be recorded on the School Arbor system by staff. . It is important to remember that everyone is different and there is a wide range of opportunities available at Woodrush, so your levels of engagement may be different in different areas.

Students who receive 25 Endeavour points will receive a bronze award and pin. Students who receive 50 Endeavour points will receive a silver award and pin. Students who receive 100 Endeavour points will receive a gold award and pin.

Celebration of students success and endeavour is very important at Woodrush.

Students engagement will be in rewarded and acknowledged during form time, The Branch & The Star, in half term assemblies and at a special KS3 awards evenings. Students who receive 100 Endeavour points will be invited to celebrate their success at a special lunch.

Parents and carers will also receive an overview each term on their students engagement and participation in each of the 6 key areas.