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Woodrush High School

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"I cannot recommend Woodrush TC enough! The Regional Hub programme (formerly School Direct) programme has prepared me with hands on, valuable experiences as I step into the teaching profession. Woodrush TC is a community. You receive support, guidance and  professional knowledge from a wide range of experienced teachers throughout the alliance.

The teaching schools on practice treat you as a member of staff; very early on you begin to create relationships and work with others. The opportunity to learn in school has given me the experience of true school life as I step into my NQT year. Through Woodrush TC I have gained confidence, knowledge and friendships."

Leah Murphy

"Carrying out a teacher training year through Woodrush’s Regional Hub (formerly School Direct) programme is something that I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to begin their teaching career.

I really liked the way that the year was structured in comparison to other training routes, in that you were established as a teacher in a school from the beginning of the year. Alongside the university sessions that all PGCE students attend in September/October, we were spending a few days a week in our placement schools getting to know classes and staff and putting some of the theories we were learning about into practice. Due to this early exposure to the classroom, we were able to build up our teaching hours at a rate that suited us which really helped me to feel confident and comfortable in my first term. 

Training through Woodrush TC meant that we had an extra level of support to the university mentor and placement mentors that are normal for a PGCE type course. This support was helpful for the actual teaching, as well as finding a job and looking forward to the NQT year. For example, I am so grateful for the opportunity to carry out a formal mock interview with a member of Woodrush SLT prior to applying and interviewing for jobs for real. 

What’s more, being part of a teaching school meant that we were not only able to get to know the other staff members well but also, we formed a good support network amongst ourselves as trainees. We had weekly professional studies sessions that were consistent throughout the year. These allowed us to learn about lots of different aspects of teaching from different members of Woodrush staff as well as share our experiences as a group, meaning we formed solid friendships. 

The unique sandwich placement structure offered in which our main placement was for terms 1 and 3 and our second placement during term 2, allowed us to see the improvements we had made when we returned to our main placement and really ensured that we felt a part of the school. My mentors in both of my placement schools, as well as the rest of the departments, were fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for more support and encouragement throughout the year. 

I feel that the Woodrush Regional Hub route allowed me to make the most of my training year and ensured that the year was tailored to suit me and to help me achieve success. I am extremely grateful for all the support and guidance I received from Woodrush and cannot think of a better route into teaching."


Emily Bidwell