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Woodrush High School

Woodrush High School

An Academy for Students Aged 11-18

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Supporting our Families

Providing early help to our pupils and families at Woodrush High School means we are more effective in promoting support as soon as we can. Early help means providing support as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child’s life.

Key Pastoral Support Staff that support Universal and Targeted in School Early Help


Early Help Support Worcestershire - Early Help Needs Assessment (EHNA)

Early Help Support Birmingham
Birmingham’s Right Help, Right Time (RHRT) framework sets out four layers of children’s needs: Universal, Universal Plus, Additional and Complex/Significant. Our Early Help offer predominantly focusses on the two middle layers - Universal Plus and Additional Needs.


Our Early Help Offer
Early Help is a pathway to supporting you and your child as they grow up when you or they may need further support or guidance.
Providing early help to our pupils and families at Woodrush High School means we can improve outcomes for children, families, and communities, providing support as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child’s life, from the early years through to teenage years.

Early Help can support children and their families who may be struggling with:

  • Routines and family rules
  • Families who may not be eating healthy food
  • Keeping to a healthy lifestyle
  • Children who are caring for a family member
  • Children who may not want to go to school for different reasons
  • Disability within the family including children being a young carer
  • Children in the family have special educational needs (SEND)
  • Children who may be coming involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour
  • Children who go missing from home
  • Children or parents / carers misusing drugs or alcohol
  • Children at risk of being tricked, forced, or made to work in the criminal world
  • Children who may need support because they may live in a home and see drug or alcohol abuse or adult mental health problems.
  • Children who have parents who argue a lot (and sometimes might hurt each other) whether the parents live together or apart.
  • Children at risk of being groomed to join groups which support illegal views
  • A privately fostered child (a child from another family living within your family home)

Early help relies upon local groups and people in the community, sometimes we work together to help children, young people, and their families.
Everyone needs help at some time in their lives and therefore an ethos of early help is important for any school.


Family Hub School Holidays
Pear Tree - Bromsgrove
We provide a variety of services from our Family Hubs, including parenting courses and groups, community activities, health visiting clinics and vitamin collections. For more information on vitamins and how to purchase them please visit our Healthy Start - Vitamins | Starting Well (
Contact Us
Hub opening times
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm
Address - Pear Tree, Broad Street, Bromsgrove B61 8LW
Telephone - 01527 835775
Welcome everyone, we’re glad you’re here!
Bring it on Brum, also known as Birmingham Holiday Activities, is a new programme for families in Birmingham, set up to help all.
Across the City there will be a whole host of activities taking place in schools, leisure centres, youth clubs, community venues and parks.
Children, young people (and their parents) have fulfilling, active, fun-filled and healthy school holidays.
Activities include indoor and outdoor games; cookery skills; arts and crafts; sports, fitness and dance; health and wellbeing; quizzes; park activities and nature trails.
Bring it on Brum! – Holiday Activities and Food
Youth Centre Local Foodbank
Woodrush Youth and Community Centre is a warm and friendly place to socialise with your friends outside of school. As well as opportunities to be involved in arts and crafts, cooking, games and workshops they have:
  • An outdoor games area
  • Game console
  • Pool tables
  • Table tennis
  • Computer room
  • Tuck shop
  • Sports night (football and basketball)

Groups: Mondays 7pm -9pm: Ages 13yrs to 18 yrs for young people who go to Woodrush High school or live in Wythall (School year 9/13 - free entrance fee)

Tuesday 6.30pm- 8.30pm: Ages 11yrs to 13 yrs (school years 7/8) for young people who go to Woodrush High School or live in Wythall. Entrance fee £1.00

Thursday’s evenings are dedicated to special projects and change throughout the year. Please contact Woodrush Youth and

Hollywood Christian Life Centre operates the local food bank at Simms Lane, Hollywood, B47 5HN (01564 822726)

The food bank is making a real difference in the lives of some families in our local area, so every support is appreciated.

The food bank is open every Monday from 1.30-2.30pm for anyone who needs it.

Donations can also be made at this time or can be dropped off at the Parish Council Office, Beaudesert Road, Hollywood B47 5DP between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday. All donations will be passed to the Hollywood Christian Life Centre.

If you are able to donate, then the following food and essential items are specifically needed: – deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, washing liquid, washing up liquid, toilet roll, Sanitary towels – biscuits, tinned meat, tinned tuna, tinned vegetables (e.g. carrots/potatoes) tinned ready to eat dishes like meatballs in tomato sauce, stewed steak, etc. – cereals, pasta, rice.

Alternatively, financial donations are appreciated as these are used to purchase the items that local families need but are struggling to afford.

Early Help Family Support District Team Library
Bromsgrove, Early Help Family Support
Team contact number: 01905 845154
Team email address:
Request for early Help Services - Request for Early Help Services - Bromsgrove (

The library, which is located on the first floor of the Woodrush Community Hub, provides access to a wide range of resources in a modern and vibrant space. Worcestershire County Council and Woodrush High School are working in partnership to run an integrated library service for the local community. You can access your library account renew loans online - or by visiting any other Worcestershire Library. You can renew over the phone by calling the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 822722 or you can use our 24 hour automated renewal system on the same number.

Worcestershire Libraries & Learning Service
Worcestershire Libraries | Worcestershire County Council

Normal Opening Times:

  • Monday: 9:30am - 1.00pm, 2.00pm - 5.00pm
  • Tuesday: 9:30am - 1.00pm, 2.00pm - 5.,00pm
  • Wednesday: 9:30am - 1.00pm, 2.00pm - 5.00pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 9:30am - 1.00pm, 2.00pm - 5.00pm
  • Saturday: 9:30am - 1.00pm, 2.00pm - 4.00pm




Early Help Family Service:
The Early Help Family Support Service is delivered by Worcestershire Children First directly to families permanently living in Worcestershire who have children aged 0-18 years old and need help and support specifically from a Family Support Worker. For more information, please visit:
Worcestershire Children First Early Help Family Support Service | Worcestershire County Council


Helpful links and information
View link to find out more on the following:

  • Health (including mental health, emotional wellbeing, and sexual health)
  • Bullying (including Cyberbullying)
  • Relationships
  • SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities)
  • Worcestershire Young Carers
  • Finance, Housing and Employment
  • Parenting Support
  • Substance Misuse
  • Get Safe