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Sixth Form Programme

Sixth Form Programme of Study

The Sixth Form Curriculum comprises of the following elements which build to make a personalised programme of study for each student:

Academic Qualifications: Students can choose three or four A Level or Vocational subjects dependent on prior attainment.

Independent Learning: In order to succeed in rigorous academic or vocational study, students will be expected to complete independent learning for each subject every week. The purpose of this independent learning will be to consolidate classroom knowledge, practice exam skills and prepare for lessons. Subject teachers will mark your work or discuss it with you during lessons.

Directed Study: To further support the rigours of A level study, every week students will be allocated directed study time in the silent study room. During these directed study periods, students should explore their A level subjects in greater depth and do further reading or skills practice to deepen and broaden their knowledge and understanding.

Elective Curriculum: Students can choose to undertake the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) or  ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) as an additional qualification. These electives enhance and support UCAS and apprenticeship applications.

Extended Programme: All students have the opportunity to participate in Enrichment, Career Enhancement and UCAS activities. As part of this programme students will undertake work experience, research projects and other career enhancing activities, alongside enrichment activities such as First Aid and Driving skills. As part of the career enhancement element, students will be expected to complete at least 25 hours of work experience, either as a single week or as a weekly placement. They will be given support for UCAS and Apprenticeship applications to ensure students have clear progression strategies in place following their results in the August of Year 13.

ASPIRE: Personal development & wellbeing are key to every student’s success. Following on from the main school, students will follow a programme with themes around personal, social, health and emotional wellbeing. The programme will be delivered by form tutors during form time and through the Extended Programme.

Sport & Wellbeing: Keeping physically healthy is an important part of positive mental health and wellbeing. Students will be provided with opportunities for sport or to use the school Gym, helping them to stay fit and healthy while studying.

Working with Woodrush: There is an expectation that all students will complete at least 40 hours of volunteering or community work during their two years in sixth form. Students can choose from a suggested programme of extra-curricular activities and whole school leadership opportunities. There contribution to school life or the wider community will enhance their applications for UCAS or apprenticeships.

Extra Credit: To further enhance applications and support students to broaden their experiences whilst in sixth form, we offer a number of extra credit activities, working of the Open University.



The Programme of study is personalised for individual students based on the chosen career progression and starting points. Below is an example of a typical week for a student in year 12.

3 A Level or Vocational Qualifications 13
ASPIRE and Form Time Programme 2
Extended Programme 2
Directed Study 3.75
Volunteering & Community 1
Elective Curriculum 1
Sport & Wellbeing 1
Extra Credit 1
Independent Learning (Out of school hours) 10
Total in school 25/20 lessons a week
Total directed learning hours 35 hours a week
NB: All students also complete one week of work experience in the summer of Year 12.