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Woodrush High School

Woodrush High School

An Academy for Students Aged 11-18

Excellence Through Endeavour

Sixth Form Committee

The Sixth Form Committee is an important decision-making body in the Sixth Form. The Committee is comprised of several members whom all have select roles, including: Head Students, Deputy Head Students, Charity/Fundraising Directors, Social Events Co-ordinators and Sports Directors. The Committee meets frequently throughout the course of the academic year to discuss and organise a wide range of events and initiatives for the Sixth Form. 
The Committee is also important in terms of representing student voice in the Sixth Form. It is vital that the Sixth Form have their say in terms of further improvements and developments they would like to see made. The Sixth Form Committee ensures that these views are represented and implemented where facilities, social events, trips, fundraising/charity events and other initiatives are concerned. 


At Woodrush Sixth I feel like I have been massively empowered.  When I started the sixth form I never thought I'd have the confidence to join the student leadership team and be able to represent my fellow students and their views.  The thing that interested me most about Woodrush Sixth is the subject interest and tailored support that is given to each student. Teachers at Woodrush are experts in each of their subjects and they pass on a genuine love foe their subjects onto their students.

Taylor Cowling - Head Student

Sixth Form has allowed us to enrich our own learning and contribute in positions of student leadership. We've been able to communicate with teachers and work one to one itch them to improve our on understanding of the subjects. They are easy to contact and the self-directed hours of learning work well for students to organise independent study around.

Rosemary Harfield - Deputy Head Student


Coming into Woodrush Sixth as an external student, I immediately felt very welcomed by the great sense of community which enabled me to integrate into the sixth form. Throughout my time here at Woodrush, I have found that staff have always made an effort to help me achieve the best possible outcomes, both in and out of the classroom which has played a major role in my choice to run for Head Student.  Moreover, I have particularly enjoyed the endless amount of opportunities offered to students, whether this may be trips to university open days or recreational trips such as laser tag. 

Zarin Khan - Head Student 


My time at Woodrush Sixth form has been beneficial and challenging academically.  It has also crafted me into a well-rounded young adult. This was through Woodrush's enrichment programme in which you cover not only PSHE but also topics covering life skills and pastoral support.  This is in conjunction with the passionate teaching and intuitive learning techniques used by the sixth form team and members of staff, making Woodrush Sixth form a complete but also welcoming environment.

Pierce Robinson-Fitzgerald - Deputy Head Student 


Taylor Cowling Head Student and Zarin Khan Head Student