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Woodrush High School

Woodrush High School

An Academy for Students Aged 11-18

Excellence Through Endeavour


Our recent Inspection Reports

Our Academy was last inspected in December 2018. The Academy received the following judgement:

Overall effectiveness: Good.

  • The effectiveness of leadership and management is Outstanding.
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare is Outstanding.
  • The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is Good.
  • Outcomes for pupils are Good.
  • Sixth Form (16 to 19 study programme) is Good.

We are delighted to share some of the comments that led to this pleasing judgement:

Our Pupils:

  • Pupils achieve well because of strong teaching and the exceptional support and care they receive.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is excellent. They are courteous, friendly and routinely regulate their own behaviour.
  • Pupils have very high expectations of each other’s behaviour.
  • Pupils behave extremely well in lessons and no learning time is wasted.
  • Pupils are immensely proud of their school and rarely have time off school.
  • All pupils who spoke with inspectors said that they feel safe in school and have a secure understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe.
  • Students are proud of their school and look after the school environment.
  • Pupils wear their uniform with pride and look smart. They are friendly, courteous and respectful of each other and staff.

Our Staff:

  • Teachers are proud to work at the school, they are fully engaged in leaders’ improvement drive and all share a common goal, namely, to make their school the best it can be.
  • Staff feel safe and valued
  • All staff work together to create a strong culture of safeguarding for all pupils which permeates the school.
  • Morale at the school is exceptionally high.
  • Teachers demonstrate an enthusiasm for their subjects and know their pupils very well.
  • Staff are unanimous in their praise for the many training and professional development opportunities afforded to them.

Our Sixth Form:

  • Teachers routinely plan lessons which engage and motivate students and relationships are excellent
  • At Sixth Form, the quality of teaching is strong and in many subjects it is outstanding.
  • Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and share their enthusiasm for their subjects with students who are keen learners.

Our Leadership:

  • Leaders are unwavering and untiring in their drive for excellence.
  • The headteacher has changed the school’s ethos, raised aspirations and introduced highly effective systems and robust structures to improve the school. Leaders at all levels, including governors, know their school very well. They address quickly any areas that fall short of their high expectations.
  • Leaders have created a truly inclusive ethos in the school in which everyone is supported and cared for.
  • The leadership of teaching, learning and assessment is highly effective.
  • Middle leaders form a dedicated and highly focused group of professionals. They are consistent in their messages and drive for excellence.
  • Leaders have restructured the school’s curriculum so that it offers a wide range of vocational and academic courses. They took the decision to broaden the curriculum in key stage 3 so that pupils develop a deep love of learning in a wide choice of subjects, including Mandarin, for example.
  • Leaders’ focus on high performance is underpinned by support for mental health and wellbeing that is highly valued.
  • Leaders’ work to prepare pupils for their next steps is excellent. Pupils receive a wide range of career education and advice.
  • Senior leaders use and evaluate effectively the impact of any additional funding they receive, including pupil premium and funding to support pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) funding.

Our Governors:

  • Governors know their school very well and have a clear view of its strengths and the few areas where further improvement is needed.
  • Governors are dedicated to the school and bring a range of relevant experiences and expertise to their roles.

Our Ethos:

  • The school oozes a purposeful and intent learning atmosphere.
  • The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.
  • Parents, staff and pupils are unanimous in their praise for the excellent pastoral care provided to pupils, which includes a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing.

To view the full report, please click on the document link below.