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Why choose us for your ECF?

Capita and the University of Birmingham are co-designing the programme, with Alliance partners including ourselves, Woodrush TC, involved in the development of materials, to ensure that it’s relevant and tailored to the needs of early career teachers and their mentors. Our specialised team of experts will also be on hand to help with any support or guidance that schools, teachers and mentors may need to complete the statutory training.

The University of Birmingham Alliance and Woodrush TC has extensive experience in providing CPD for experienced teachers and leaders in schools and will be bringing this expertise to the development of excellent mentoring support and development.

We’ll be using Capita’s technology and education expertise to deliver the on-line learning sessions via a modern, intuitive learning platform that allows us to host a wide variety of learning experiences. We will also be able to track activities and progress, so that we can identify and address any issues as soon as they arise.

The University of Birmingham Alliance and Woodrush TC understands the needs of schools and are designing the activities to ensure they provide valuable development week on week.