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Woodrush High School

Woodrush High School

An Academy for Students Aged 11-18

Excellence Through Endeavour


Good attendance is integral to academic success. 

In Woodrush Sixth Form students are afforded the opportunity to take responsibility for their own attendance.  We believe this is important, because for those students intending to move onto Higher Education after their time with us, they will find that they are given greater freedom at University as, for example, they may only be obligated to attend twelve hours of lectures/seminars a week.

We want to prepare our students for this eventuality by encouraging them to be self-disciplined where attendance is concerned.  We realise that there are occasions where absence is unavoidable and we will do everything we can to support students in catching up on any work missed.  However, we will monitor all periods of absence very closely and immediately communicate with parents any concerns we may have. 

The demanding nature of A-level and BTEC studies means that even small periods of absence can have a huge impact on academic outcomes.  To this end, we monitor attendance very closely on a day to day basis.  If a student’s attendance does become an issue then the following attendance policy is followed:

Below 96%

A letter is sent home to parents / carers informing them of our concerns regarding attendance

Below 94%

A formal verbal warning is issued and a letter is sent home notifying parents/carers that attendance is being closely monitored and must quickly improve

Below 92%

A formal written warning is issued and an appointment is made with parents to meet with the Head of Sixth Form